Meet Kianna

Meet Kianna, founder of Young Mom Diaries. Young Mom Diaries, started out as an outlet for moms who wanted to find balance in being a mom, moms who wanted to get back to loving their body by getting fit and finding a realistic diet and just a way of discussing how to navigate life being a YOUNG mom. Kianna wanted to create this platform, as she had her own struggles after having her precious baby girl. It was quite hard for her to start loving her body, but she didn’t let that stop her. She started to do research on how she can improve her body and that’s when she learned that she has Diastasis Recti. She started eating healthier, working out consistently and even creating her very own line of waist trainers, YMD Fitness Waist Trainer. If you are a young mom, soon to be young mom or you’re just here for fitness motivation please be sure to follow Young Mom Diaries on Instagram for health and wellness tips and to discuss the real sides of being a young mom!

Also, if you’re interested in YMD waist trainer, please feel free to message YMD on IG!

Instagram: @youngmom.diaries

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