Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan, founder of Naturally Jo. Naturally Jo offers a space for all walks of life to reflect, empower, and learn. Started in 2016, Naturally Jo has evolved from an everyday blog about trials and tribulations Jo endured through college, to a blog/social media page that engages intentionally with her audience in order to promote spiritual growth. Jordan created Naturally Jo as she was going through her own spiritual revelation. She attributes a lot of her growth from the space she created to become her authentic self, and through her own life experiences she aspires to help other women (and men) like herself who are looking to find themselves.

As her brand grows, she aspires to offer life coaching, creative concept consultations, mindfulness driven discussions and empowerment groups, and public speaking engagements to her platform. Her overall goal is to help empower every life that she is able to touch and leave those around her with the tools needed to reach the next step of their life journey and find their purpose.

She also started Baked by Jo in Auburn, Alabama, which offers homemade desserts, created with love and natural ingredients. What started as her way to relieve stress, has evolved into a small business and she is excited to see how it continues to evolve. Currently, she takes orders for the Auburn, Alabama area as well as the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Aside from blogging and baking, Jordan is currently in graduate school at Auburn University, pursuing a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While pursuing her degree, Jordan also interns in the East Alabama area with severely mental ill clients and works as a graduate assistant for the Office of University Writing at Auburn University. In her spare time Jordan indulges in doing yoga, baking, finding the perfect London Fog, and spending time surrounded by her supporting and loving family and friends.

Please be sure to check out her amazing content! Also if you’re in the area make to support Baked by Jo!

Instagram: @NaturallyJo_ & @BakedByJo__!


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