Meet Jazz

Meet Jazz, founder of Summer Daze Beauty Brand. Summer Daze Beauty Brand was formed on the basis of creating a natural skincare line for all ages, genders, and ethnicity. They live by the motto of "returning to nature for skin care." Currently, Summer Daze Beauty Brand offers three premium sugar scrubs:

Honey Suckle - Their best selling scrub, a lemon and honey scrub that aids in the removal of dark spots, skin toning and minimizing blemishes.

Key Lime Slush - This scrub is made from key lime and cucumber. It specializes in re-tightening and refreshing the skin. Giving the face a brighter and youthful appearance.

Coco Surprise - A coconut and vanilla scrub. It feeds ultimate moisture to the skin.

To learn more about each scrub and the health benefits of the products, please feel free to check out their website at

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