Meet Florence

Meet Florence, founder of “Flotograph” on Instagram. Flotograph was created as a way to share images and moments that she’s captured and loved. She grew up taking endless pictures, being that her mother loved taking pictures of her and her siblings. It wasn’t until she got her first digital camera in middle school that she started to enjoy being on the other side of the camera. She received her first Canon camera as a graduation gift when high school ended and her life on the other side of the camera began.

Her friends joked about her being "Flotography" from high school but the name truly stuck and became her unofficial brand. After years of taking pictures for friends and family, Florence finally decided to truly invest in the art and expand.

Aside from capturing special moments, Florence studies Public Health. She also enjoys reading. Her goal is to be able to do more with her love for capturing, traveling and taking pictures of moments for others. She dreams of one day fully accepting the title of "photographer" but for now, she is embracing and enjoying the journey.

Be sure to follow her on instagram @_flotograph!

P.S: Enjoy some of her photos below.

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