Black Girl x Self-Limiting Beliefs

"It takes the same amount of effort to hold a negative belief as it does to hold a positive one. Make sure you choose beliefs that empower you rather than limit you."

Ruben Chavez

Hey Black Girl,

How many opportunities have you missed out on because of your own self-limiting beliefs? You had your sights on working in your dream field but due to the combination of other’s opinions of your life and your own self doubt you decided to let those dreams go. This was me. I was extremely passionate about broadcasting in high school. I knew that I wanted to be a journalist. I spent my whole high school career preparing for this. I even took on the role as an anchor for my school’s student news! However, like many people, I allowed my doubts, as well as the opinions of others, to control my life. Everyone around me kept saying that it would be really hard to get into the field and that the pay would be very low and I started to believe it. Instead of taking a leap of faith, I let fear paralyze me until I was forced to change my thought process. I realized how often our own thoughts destroy our passions and dreams.

I began replacing every negative thought with a positive one. When thoughts of doubt come in, tell yourself that you can do it, even when you don’t feel it. Think about it like this, you are already in possession of all the tools you need to be successful, so what’s your excuse? There are so many people who are sitting on books, businesses, and other million dollar ideas all because of self-doubt. Don’t let self-doubt scare you into not pursuing your dream. You don’t want to look back on your life full of regrets.

Throughout your journey, there will be many people who will tell you what you can and can not do according to their perspective. Keep going anyway! Most of our self-limiting beliefs stem from people’s negative opinions, even if they mean you no harm. Their words start to marinate and boom you begin to believe it. Looking back in hindsight, I now understand why growing up my mom stressed the importance of protecting your dreams. People will literally kill your dreams with their words and sometimes, it isn’t even intentional. Some people feel since they aren’t capable of doing something, neither are you and that’s far from the truth. Make your dreams happen today!

What self-limiting beliefs do you have and what are you going to do about them?

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